Chocolate Hills – A Complete Guide

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Have you ever heard of Chocolate Hills? It’s a breathtaking Filipino natural landmark that has captivated visitors for centuries. This complete guide will take you on an incredible journey through this unique and amazing landscape, giving you all the information you need about these enchanting hills.

The Chocolate Hills are located in Bohol province, Philippines. They consist of more than 1,000 conical-shaped mounds formed by coral deposits over millions of years. Each hill is roughly 30-50 meters high and covered with grasses that turn brown during the dry season – hence their name! The rolling hills form a stunning visual effect that can be seen from miles away.

This guide will provide insight into how the Chocolate Hills were formed and give detailed descriptions of what makes them unique. We’ll also discuss some of the best ways to explore these fascinating landmarks and share tips for getting the most out of your visit. So come along for the ride, and let’s discover everything there is to learn about these remarkable hills!

chocolate hills
Chocolate Hills

What Are The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation in the Bohol Province of the Philippines. They consist of around 1,776 hills that range from 30-120 meters high. The hills are almost uniform and symmetrical, making them look like giant chocolate kisses from afar. They’re covered with vegetation year-round, so they take on green hues during the wet season and brown shades during the dry seasons. These unique features make it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.

It’s believed that these limestone formations were created by tectonic activity and erosion over time. But exact details about how this historic landscape was formed remain unknown. With no definite answer as to why or how these unusual hills came into existence, visitors can only marvel at their mysterious beauty. As we explore how these strange formations came to be, let us ponder what other secrets may lie beneath their surface.

How Was The Chocolate Hills Formed?

Mysteriously, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol are an incredible geological feat that captivates and fascinates all who witness them. The hills vary from 30 to 120 meters high, covering roughly 50 square kilometers. So how did these chocolate-like mounds come to be?

The formation of the chocolate hills is heavily debated. Still, it’s generally believed a combination of marine deposits and tectonic activity over millions of years formed them. Geological surveys have discovered coral fossils at the top of some hills, which suggests the region was once underwater. It’s also thought that erosion caused by wind, rain, and rivers created their unique shapes. As time passed, sedimentary rock weathered away, leaving cone-shaped hills, mainly limestone capped with soil or grass.

These peculiar land formations are a testament to nature’s power and ingenuity; they are genuinely one of the most remarkable sights you will ever see! With this fascinating background in mind, why do they call it ‘chocolate hills’?

Why Do They Call It Chocolate Hills?

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines, is an iconic site that has intrigued visitors for centuries. So why do they call it the ‘Chocolate Hills’?

  1. The most popular explanation is due to their color: when the grass dries up during summertime, the hills turn a deep brown hue reminiscent of chocolate – hence the name!
  2. Not only that, but there’s also an abundance of cocoa trees near the area, so much so that locals used to harvest cocoa beans and make them into chocolates as part of their livelihood.
  3. Moreover, these hills have been around since immemorial and were even mentioned in ancient folk tales that narrate how they came to be called ‘Chocolate Hills’.

It seems clear why this unique phenomenon has become such a beloved attraction over the years–but what about its origin? Let us explore some of the legends behind the Chocolate Hills next.

Legends Behind The Chocolate Hills

It’s no wonder the Chocolate Hills have captured our imagination for centuries. The rolling mounds of chocolate-colored earth are a sight to behold, and their mysterious origin has been whispered among generations. Many legends attempt to explain the mystery behind these hills, each as enchanting as the next.

One legend tells of two giants who fought an epic battle in this area long ago. As they hurled rocks at one another, they created the thousands of hills we see today. Another story claims that a single giant made all the hills himself after discovering his beloved had married someone else. In sorrow, he cried so much that his tears turned into small mountains and filled the landscape with chocolatey goodness!

Whatever its origins, it’s clear why the Chocolate Hills have become such a popular tourist attraction – and not just because of their delicious name! With so many myths and stories surrounding them, something is captivating about this geological phenomenon that draws people from far and wide every year. It certainly makes you appreciate nature’s beauty even more when you learn more about its history too!

Why Are The Chocolate Hills So Popular?

The Chocolate Hills are a popular tourist attraction in the Philippines, and for a good reason. They consist of more than 1,700 individual hills spread over 50 square kilometers that look like giant Hershey’s Kisses. The hills range from 30 to 120 meters high and often turn chocolate brown during the dry season due to grass not growing on them. This gives rise to their name: Chocolate Hills!

In addition to its stunning beauty and unique geological formation, locals say the Chocolate Hills have a special spiritual significance. People come here all year round to participate in activities such as paragliding, trekking, and horseback riding or to relax and enjoy the view. With abundant outdoor activities available for visitors, it is no wonder why the Chocolate Hills remain so popular among tourists. As we move onto another topic about these remarkable landmarks, let us explore how tall they are.

How Tall Are The Chocolate Hills?

The Chocolate Hills are a series of over 1,700 conical hills spread across the Bohol landscape. The height of these hills varies greatly, with some reaching up to 120 meters and others being as low as 30 meters. On average, the highest point is about 50-75 meters above sea level. Despite their size, they look incredibly uniform from afar due to their cone shape and green vegetation caps covering them.

Interestingly, each hill was formed by rainwater eroding limestone deposits beneath them, eventually creating the unique cone shapes we see today. This process has been ongoing for centuries giving us an incredible view of nature’s beauty that can be found in no other place on earth. As you gaze upon this magnificent work of art, it’s hard not to appreciate its grandeur.

Best Time To See The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills make us feel like we’re in a scene from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! When is the best time to see these unusual geological formations? The answer is more complex.

The dry season from November to April provides the ideal weather for viewing. Currently, grass and trees are sparse, allowing an unobstructed view of all 1268 hills spanning 50 square kilometers. If you visit during this period, remember your sunblock and sunglasses since it can get hot!

On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of the lush greenery surrounding each hill, come during the rainy season (May–October). The vegetation will be more abundant and vibrant at this time. However, it might be harder to spot individual hills due to foggy conditions or rain showers.

Regardless of when you decide to visit, one thing is sure: You’ll always remember the stunning beauty of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills!

Attractions At The Chocolate Hills

Having discussed the best time to visit the Chocolate Hills, let’s explore their attractions. The hills are home to several exciting activities and sites that can make your trip unforgettable.

Butterfly GardenCarmen, Bohol Province
Man-Made ForestBilar Town, Bohol Province
Hinagdanan Cave PoolDauis Town, Bohol Province
Tarsier Sanctuary & Visitor CenterCorella Town, Bohol Province
Sagbayan Peak Adventure Park & ZooSagbayan Town, Bohol Province
Bilar Town, Bohol Province
Corella Town, Bohol Province
Dimiao Town, Bohol Province

From a butterfly garden in Carmen to an adventure park and zoo in Sagbayan town, from a man-made forest in Bilar to a tarsier sanctuary and visitor center in Corella, there is no shortage of entertainment for everyone at the Chocolate Hills. You could also take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Hinagdanan Cave Pool, located near Dauis town. With so many unique experiences available here, it’s easy to see why this place has become such a popular destination.

Where To Stay At Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills offer many unique accommodation options if you’re looking for an idyllic vacation experience. Plenty of luxurious lodges and resorts allow you to indulge in all the comforts one expects from such facilities; however, if you’re after something more rustic and authentic, small boutique hotels provide a cozy atmosphere during your stay.

No matter what lodging option, each offers unparalleled views of the hills and easy access to local attractions like hiking trails and historic sites. All accommodations are also equipped with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi and air conditioning – making any stay at the Chocolate Hills even more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get To The Chocolate Hills?

If you’ve heard about the Chocolate Hills, the chances of you wanting to visit them are high. But how do you get there? Traveling to this unique geological formation is a relatively straightforward process.

The most convenient way of traveling to the Chocolate Hills is by plane. The nearest airport is in Tagbilaran City, located around 64 km away from the hills. From here, you can take a bus or taxi straight to Carmen town, which is the gateway to the hills. Alternatively, if coming from Manila, you can also opt for a boat ride and disembark at Tubigon port near Bohol before taking another transport option, such as public buses or vans heading towards Carmen.

No matter what mode of transportation you choose, it’s advisable that you plan your trip and book tickets early to take advantage of all the discounts available during off-peak seasons. With proper planning and research into other possible routes leading up to these fantastic hills, getting there should be no problem!

What Other Activities Can I Do Around The Chocolate Hills?

The Chocolate Hills are a truly spectacular sight; there’s so much more to do in the area than just visiting them. From exhilarating water sports to exciting nightlife activities, you can have an unforgettable experience around the hills. Here are some of the main attractions:

  • Take part in thrilling water sports such as river rafting or kayaking on the Loboc River
  • Go stargazing at the rolling hills for a romantic evening under the stars
  • Spend your days exploring local markets and craft stalls for unique souvenirs
  • Try out different delicious foods from nearby restaurants and cafes

A trip to Bohol would only be complete with experiencing all it offers. There’s something special about seeing this natural wonder up close. Its lush green vegetation stretches endlessly over hundreds of peaks like waves crashing against rocks. And after taking in its majestic beauty during the daytime, why not stay until dark and explore what else Bohol has to offer? Get lost in its vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of music venues, rooftop bars, and entertainment spots while surrounded by nature. These combined experiences make it easy to see why the Chocolate Hills should be high on anyone’s list when visiting this amazing destination!

Is There An Entrance Fee To Visit The Chocolate Hills?

Is there an entrance fee to visit the Chocolate Hills? Visiting one of the Philippines’ most iconic natural landmarks is a must-do for any traveler. Here’s what you need to know about fees when visiting this incredible site:

  1. Entrance to the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol, is free.
  2. some activities within the complex may require payment, such as ziplining and horseback riding.
  3. If you’re taking a guided tour or tricycle ride to view them from afar, those services will also come with a fee (typically around 500 PHP).
  4. Some resorts nearby offer access to private viewing decks but may charge extra for admission.

No matter how you experience these mysterious hills, it’ll be worth every penny! From seeing them up close and personal or admiring them from a distance on your way out of town – make sure you take advantage of this unique attraction during your stay in Bohol!

Are There Any Good Restaurants Near The Chocolate Hills?

Are there any good restaurants near Chocolate Hills? This is an important question to consider when planning a visit. After all, you’ll need somewhere to fuel up on delicious local food and drinks during your trip!
Fortunately, visitors will be pleased to know plenty of great dining opportunities are around the hills. Many nearby towns have fantastic eateries serving traditional Filipino dishes and international cuisine. Plus, there are some lovely beachside restaurants with stunning ocean views where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or relax with friends and family over lunch. So no matter what type of food you want, you will be satisfied with the selection near the Chocolate Hills.
If you’d like to try something unique, why not sample one of Bohol’s famous barbeque joints? Here, guests can savor succulent pork ribs and chicken wings cooked in a special marinade made from native fruits and spices – it’s worth trying at least once! There are also several halo-halo stands close by that offer refreshing variations on this popular Filipino dessert. Overall, visitors should have no trouble finding a place to eat that suits their taste. At the same time, they explore the area surrounding these iconic landmarks.

Are There Any Nearby Attractions I Can Visit In Addition To The Chocolate Hills?

They say the journey is just as important as the destination, and visiting Bohol’s Chocolate Hills offers many attractions that can make your trip even more memorable. From local restaurants to nearby parks and historical sites, this guide will provide you with all you need to know about nearby attractions in addition to the famous hills themselves:

  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Man-Made Forest
  • Baclayon Church & Museum

These are just a few examples of what visitors can enjoy before or after taking in the majestic beauty of The Chocolate Hills. These activities allow travelers to experience Philippine culture firsthand through its vibrant people, delicious cuisine, and stunning landscapes.

Whether exploring the area on foot, by boat, or from the sky, there is something for everyone near the world-famous attraction. With so much variety available, tourists will be able to find ways to pass the time while absorbing everything this part of the Philippines has to offer!


The Chocolate Hills are an impressive sight to behold. Visiting this natural wonder is an unforgettable experience and a must-do for every traveler! Getting there is straightforward – head east from Tagbilaran City – and exploring the area around the hills can be described as a sweet treat.

From visiting local attractions to eating in nearby restaurants, you’ll find plenty of things to do here. Plus, with no entrance fee required, you won’t have to break the bank for your trip either!

So if you’re looking for an adventure that will leave you speechless (and maybe craving some chocolate!), then make sure to add the Chocolate Hills to your itinerary – after all, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what wonders await you until you take a bite out of it!

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