Filipinas Fall In Love Fast

Filipinas Fall In Love Fast: Truth or Myth? Solved

A common question every Filipino gets about falling in love is why do Filipinas fall in love fast. So often, guys get turned off, and sometimes guys even think it’s a scam. However, I want to give you the genuine reasons Filipinas fall in love quickly, and it’s not necessarily what you may be thinking.

Filipinas Fall In Love Fast

There are several reasons why a Filipina may fall in love fast, so here are some clear signs and causes why Filipino women fall in love very fast. This reason includes social pressure, cultural reasons, and personal reasons. Moreover, there are a few reasons more than that.

It should not be generalized that Filipinas are easy to fall in love with because the cultural groundings of Filipinas are coy and hard to get. There should be a lot of effort invested to win her. With the influence of the modern era, this culture has been gradually changed and there are many Filipinas, that are easy to fall in love with. To know more about the reasons why Filipinas fall in love easily, please read more details below.

1. She’s Got Competition

You will find all the different shapes, ages, and sizes of Filipinas. All are dying to get your attention and get ahead in life. Each one of these women knows the odds of snaring an honest, financially secure foreigner is against them. If you choose just one to chat and message, hundreds are ready to take its place if you lose interest. She actually needs to keep your interest directly focused on her.

Do you think she will embellish her feelings for you? She certainly will. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Filipinas choose a foreigner because they are interested. Deep feelings take time to grow and flourish. It’s truly okay to say, “I like you too. Let’s take it easy so we can both be safe.” Save her the awkwardness of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Just be honest. If you don’t like it, respectfully tell them and move on.

2 Filipino Guys Are Not For Them

Filipino women see many local men when they turn 25. The younger they are, the more local interest they surely get. So yes, Filipino men gravitate towards young women. It’s another groove in their belt of conquests. There are groups of young Filipinos who see this as a game. The Philippines never see it that way. And they hate it. The good news for foreigners is that 25 is considered a ripe old age for a woman. 

3 Her Clock Surely Ticking

The majority of the Filipinas you will meet online already have kids, but if you’re lucky enough, you can get a Filipina girlfriend that does not have any. If that is the case, she is still thinking about her schedule. Yes, remember, most women want children, so she actually needs a man to do it. But, if she is past 25 years old and still does not have any children, then trust me, she is indeed thinking about her schedule!

4 Wants a Better Life

Let us not be naive here; As much as they deny it, the prospect of escaping poverty is a factor in these women’s decision to date foreigners. But of course, there is nothing wrong with that either. Right? Every Filipina knows someone or has a friend who knows someone who got married to a foreigner and has gone from rags to riches. It would be helpful if you did not despair over this fact. This is why you have so many beautiful women to choose from! 

5 She Could Be Just Like You

While it is wise to be on guard when a woman is quick to profess her love, it does not automatically make her a scammer. But, sometimes, you just meet someone you genuinely click with, and you see no reason to wait. I had met people before who got married after 10 weeks, and they are still together 10 years later. It is not good to look at her through the lens of your past experiences with Filipino women. Remember, she’s also an individual like you!

6 Cultural Predilection to Marrying Foreign Men 

Well… as improbable as it may seem, there has been some cultured research on this matter. The Philippines is a colonized nation that has been under the auspices of other nations for hundreds of years. However, unlike any other Asian country, Filipinos are far from xenophobic. On the contrary, the urge to know more about the world is instilled in the culture. Therefore, a lot of Filipina women seek foreign partners as they see this as a way to gain knowledge and experience of the world.

7 Social Pressure

Sometimes, a Filipino woman at the age of 25 years old is already past her peak prime at this period. Her family and peers will already be putting psychological pressure on her. Questions such as:

“You are getting too old to have children!”

“Why isn’t she married yet?”

“I’ve got a husband now. When are you going to have one?”

“You need to start building a family before it’s too late!”

“You are so good-looking. Find yourself a handsome and caring foreign guy. They treat us ladies with respect.”

“My foreign boyfriend takes good care of me. Why don’t you look for a foreign husband instead?”

Yes! All this stress influences self-doubt to embarrassment.

8 She’s Been Looking for A Long Time Now

The right age for a Filipino is approximately 22 years old. That is why once they pass the age of 28, they are already considered past their prime. Additionally, the Philippine culture expects a woman to be married with children before the age of 30. As mentioned above, a single or unmarried Filipina woman will experience several social pressures about marrying.

And also, to that the fact that a lot of Filipino men are picky and want younger women. A single mother over the age of 30 might as well be in Antarctica. Yes, it is sad but somehow true. That is also why when a foreign man who is not as selective as local Filipino guys shows interest, she will want to latch onto him right away. THAT’S ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

As I also mentioned above, she is seemingly embarrassed because she is not married. The majority of Filipinas dream of having a family and getting married. If she still has not found a man who will stick around her, they may cause her to be a bit more discerning than she should be, which is also why she falls in love very quickly.

Final Thoughts

This is why it is essential to know what you want when signing up for these dating sites. If you feel this woman, just go with it, unless she also complains about her financial difficulties. Then stop.

There is no precise timeline for knowing someone. Right? If you still wanna check out other prospects, just tell her that you are just looking for a friend at the moment and that you are not ready yet for a relationship. This will stop a lot of hurt feelings on both of you.

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