Do Filipinas Fart? Mystery Finally Solved

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do filipinas fart

DO Filipinas fart? Well, all of us fart. There is no exception, as it is the natural way for the body to get rid of recessive gas. You cannot control nor tell your body not to do that. The gas that your body excretes turns to fart. Every human being has gas.

They try to get it out of their system by burping and farting. Most people, including women, produce one to three pints daily and pass gas 14 to 23 times. Being like everyone else means that Filipina women are no more delicate and clean than overweight and out-of-shape truck drivers from your city.

Well, it may be clean, but my point here is that we are all living things and somehow gross at times. Yes, some of us are gross more often than others, but we all do something that would make someone else gag in disgust if they observe or see what we did.

So go ahead; it’s okay to admit that human beings are also disgusting creatures.

So, keep reading to learn more about farts, including why farts smell, what foods cause people to fart, and why people fart.

What Is A Fart?

A fart is the passing of intestinal gas through your rectum. Eating and swallowing food also consume air-containing gases like nitrogen and oxygen.

 Small amounts of these gases move within your digestive system as you swallow and digest your food. As bacteria break down food in your large intestine, other gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane, are produced. 

These gases, along with the gases you have swallowed, build up in your digestive system and ultimately escape as farts. Thus, farts are also referred to as intestinal gas, flatulence, and flatus.

Why Do Farts Smell?

The gas in the colon, which is your large intestine, eventually released as a fart, receives an odor from the following combinations: ammonia, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and carbon dioxide.

So, the food we take influences these gases, which determines its smell.

Some Foods That Cause Gas

Although not everyone reacts to food in the same natural way, some types of common foods that cause gas include bran, dairy products that contain lactose, beans, and lentils, and fructose, which is seen in some fruits and also used as a sweetener in sodas and other products, vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage as well as carbonated beverages, like beer or soft drinks. 

Is it Normal for Filipinas To Fart in Public?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone farts differently. However, some general trends may apply to most Filipinas. 

For example, they tend to have smaller intestines, which can cause wind when the food we eat goes down the wrong way.

Additionally, many Filipinas consume many fermented foods, which can contribute to flatulence. 

It is estimated that up to 50% of Koreans and 30% of Japanese suffer from gas emissions due to gastrointestinal problems! So while farting in public might not be something that all Filipinas people do (or even enjoy!), it is something you should probably at least get used to if you’re one of them.

Some people believe it is normal for Filipinas to fart in public because of their eating. They typically consume large amounts of rice, which causes gas to develop as it goes down their throats. This gas then escapes through their stomachs and noses when they breathe out.

How Do Filipinas Manage Their Farting?

Filipinas are known for their ability to control their flatulence, likely due to how they eat. Traditional Filipina diets consist of a lot of fiber and fermented foods, which help in preventing excessive gas production. 

Additionally, Filipinas tend to drink lots of water as part of their daily routine and avoid eating high-fat foods. These factors work together to help Filipinas regulate their digestive system and minimize the amount of gas that they produce.

Filipina culture believes that it is necessary and beneficial to pass gas regularly. In some cases, passing gas may even be seen as an act of humility or respect.

Filipinas manage their farting habits in many ways, including consuming foods that are high in fiber (such as beans) or using medicinal herbs such as ginger for intestinal fortification.

Additionally, certain methods used during meditation or rituals might involve the release of gasses through singing, chanting, or blowing on shells or rice husks. Whatever method you choose to follow, make sure that it feels comfortable for you and fits into your lifestyle overall. 

There’s no need to feel embarrassed about flatulence!

What Makes Filipinas To Fart Often?

Filipina people are known for their flatulence, but the reason why this is sometimes the case may be due to a gene that has been linked with gas production.

The variant of the FAP2 gene (fatty acid metabolism 2) is more common in Filipina than in other populations, and it has been associated with increased gas production.

While not all Filipinas have this gene, those who do tend to produce more gas than those who don’t. If left untreated, This can lead to embarrassing episodes or even intestinal obstruction. 

If you’re concerned about your flatulence levels and want to avoid embarrassment or health problems down the road, then it’s important to consult with a doctor about testing for this variant of the FAP2 gene. 

In some cases, lifestyle changes such as eliminative dieting or probiotics supplements may also help manage Gas Production Syndrome.

Final Thoughts

So, if you wanna be less farty, try cutting back on foods such as fried foods, beans, and onions. These can release more significant amounts of gas as they break down in your body. 

Also, if you have a lot of gas after eating yogurt, milk, or ice cream, talk to your doctor about it — your body might have difficulty digesting the natural sugar called lactose, which is found in dairy foods. And do not forget that farting can sometimes be your body’s sign that it is now time to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom is also an excellent place to go if you feel a little gassy because it is not polite to fart in social settings or gatherings, like at the dinner table or in class. Disgusting right? But, hey, don’t worry if this happens accidentally. 

Just remember to say, “Excuse me.” So, for all you white guys out there who think that all Filipina women are delicate angels who do not ever do anything disgusting, I’ve got news for you. Filipina women do fart as well. Yes, that’s just the way it is!

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