Flirt With A Filipina

How to Flirt With A Filipina: A Beginner’s Guide

Most Filipinas might be perceived as easy to get, but they are not. It may be easy to say yes to a man but do not generalize things. The traditional Filipina is coy and decent, and you must honor her parents before going on courtship, and even today, many still practice it.

Flirt With A Filipina

Of course, finding the proper method to make a girl fall in love is hard. After all, love is genuinely mysterious – it can hit anyone and affect people differently. We all know that many foreign men come to the Philippines to find the love of their lives.

Most of them are old and have retired from their jobs. But, the good news is that it is not a problem! The age gap is not a big issue in the Philippines. Even Filipino women marry old Filipino locals. So, in this blog, we will share some tips to help you flirt with a Filipino woman or at least make her like you. 

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Yes, be chivalrous! There is never a time you should not be chivalrous. Indeed, Chivalry is not dead. 

Could you open the door for her when you can? Be respectful, not only to her but to everyone. Remember to say “please and thank you” or “sir and ma’am.”

 An excellent proper gentleman is always a catch in a day with many promiscuous dudes. Filipino women are tired of these guys, DO NOT BE ONE. Be a true gentleman; they truly value polite men. 

Listen, Listen, And Listen

You must know this; listening to them gives you a point regarding dating. You must know what she says whenever she tries to talk to you. 

Act like you know what she says if you cannot listen and are distracted by her beauty. Look at her dazzling eyes when she talks. But do not be creepy about it.

Additionally, make gestures like nodding your head to show you understand. She must know that you are listening. This way, she will feel like she is important to you and has a voice. 

Advertising Yourself 

There is a difference between advertising and showing off. Advertising is like being confident while showing off is being cocky. Yes, be sure to show your skills. 

If you can talk in another language or play some instruments, show it at the appropriate time and smoothly. Do not go all out thinking you are the best; there is always someone better. 

Be Approachable And Welcoming 

Filipinos are generally shy, especially with people from other countries. Therefore, they might feel timid about mingling or talking with foreign people, whether European, American, or Japanese. 

This is mainly because they are somehow shy about their speaking skills in English. Almost all Filipinos can speak English, but it is not their primary language, so they may find it uncomfortable to talk in English, especially with English speakers. 

They are very familiar with their pronunciation and grammar and are afraid you will laugh at them. But if you are very kind to them-start the conversation with a smile, you will be amazed at how humorous and friendly Filipino women can be. 

Furthermore, they also highly regard foreign people, especially Europeans, Australians, and Americans. However, they believe that they have tons of money compared to Filipinos, who struggle to get out of poverty, so that they may feel intimidated. 

For this reason, Filipino women will do whatever they can to please a foreign guy when they see them. So make sure to break some ice and be as welcoming as possible.

Always Be Respectful

If you go to Manila, you will find that the people there always use the term “po” and “opo.” For every Filipino, these are terms of respect, especially for older people.

They can quickly tell if someone is respectful using these kinds of words. 

They are words of affirmation. So, for example, if her parents try to call you for lunch, “Gio, come here. Let’s eat!” You should say, “Opo, sige po. or Yes po, Salamat po”, politely, “Yeah, sure. Thank you.”

Do Your Utmost To Impress Filipino Women 

These lovely ladies may have a lot of admirers, and you need to bring your best game to get their attention.

Have fun and be yourself and always be aware of their needs.

Be Friends With Her Whole Family

Filipino people are family-oriented. Therefore, if you want a Filipino woman to like you, you must make your sisters, brothers, aunts or uncles, mother, and father especially fall for you.

If both of the father or brothers don’t like you, give up all hopes of dating her. Instead, get time to know her family and be polite to them. Then, if she sees how well you get along with her family, she will likely fall for you!

Be Straightforward and Brave Enough

Try to be straightforward with your intentions after meeting your dream Filipino woman on a dating site in the Philippines.

Tell her your intentions genuinely beforehand, whether you are searching for just a casual romance or a partner that may lead to anything serious like getting married. Just be honest with her; this will increase your chances with a Filipino woman.

Be Flexible

The Philippines is a developing country, so don’t expect too much convenience and resources. If your woman lives in a nipa hut or small house, don’t be sad about it or let her feel you pity her. 

Most importantly, don’t let her think that you are also disgusted. Just go with the flow, my friend. 

If it’s your first time witnessing poverty in real life, right before your eyes, then imagine you are walking or living in a palace. You will soon get used to it.

In the Philippines, few families own a car. Most people use public transport everywhere they go, and your woman may be one of them. Expect to ride trisikad, jeepneys, Habal-habal (motorcycles), vans, trains, and public buses. 

In addition, most Filipino families eat by hand. They don’t use tools.

For them, food tastes better when eaten by hand. 

So, whenever your wife does this, follow the flow. Allow her to teach you how to do it right. But don’t forget to wash your hands before eating anything on the plate.

Shower Her With Compliments

Always compliment her. Do not question this rule. It never hurts to call a woman intelligent, beautiful, or gorgeous. 

Compliment her in a charming way, not a creepy way. Yes, they deserve to be complimented. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, stay consistent! If you are serious about her, don’t go out with other people. Both of your eyes should only be exclusive to her. 

If she does something kind of discouraging, pay no mind to it. On the other hand, she might just have done it to test you—go on and continue to reveal your heart to her. Make sure that you are always there for her. 

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