why do Filipinas cheat

Why Do Filipinas Cheat? 9 Reasons why

Is she a cheater? What is she hiding? What is she lying about? The subject goes much deeper than you might expect. It touches on many cultural traditions that Westerners usually do not understand.

For instance, the meaning of the phrase “don’t love fully, keep something for yourself” can explain why many Filipino women find it so challenging to trust someone entirely and frequently shield some of their inner emotions from men they might be perfect matches with.

So, are your Filipina partner’s jealousies and insecurities a guarantee that she is fated to cheat? What can you do about it? Why is it like this?  

why do Filipinas cheat

There are a lot of reasons for a person to cheat. These reasons may not be an excellent justification to cheat, but others still do so. The reasons why Filipinas cheat are the same as other races’ reasons; these reasons include unavailability, no time for each other, and lack of affection. These are only a few reasons why Filipina cheat.

To several foreigners, the mind of the Filipino woman is a deep, mysterious pit of conflicting emotions and divided loyalties. However, if you have entered into a relationship with honest intentions and a comparatively pure heart, there is no reason why you can’t really find the love of your life in the Philippines!

Being Unavailable For Some Weeks At A Time

Another unmistakable sign that your partner has a relationship with someone else is that she is unavailable for days or weeks. Given that you are two people who need to live separate lives while physically separated, it gives no one a reason to just leave and then come back and pretend that nothing happened. Hmm.

Nawala Na Lang’ Yung Spark (The spark between you just disappeared)

Time was when you could not spend a day without seeing each other. You were actually in an inseparable relationship and always in each other’s arms. Until one day, you know the person so well that you get bored of your partner for no apparent reason. You become accustomed to how they think, how they speak, and what their routine is.

And you noticed that the sparks that were illuminating on her face had disappeared. Sparks could no longer ignite her desire to spend time with you. And then she meets this stranger who makes her feel alive again. This is where the cheating begins.

Acting Strange or A bit “off.”

You can find out a lot about how your Filipina girlfriend feels by looking at their body language. If they start behaving strangely when you are on a Skype date, they may be blocking something from you. As easy as going to the gym on a regular basis can be an affair.

Not Practicing the Give and Take

This one should be taken seriously. In a relationship, there’s someone labeled as an Alpha or Beta. Right? Some people, such as Alpha men or women, like to control things and are always confident about themselves and their things. On the other hand, Beta males/females will do precisely what they are told and expect a favor in return.

Therefore, they try to be way too nice and stay out of confrontations and conflicts to make sure that everyone likes them. So, if you truly know you are the Alpha in your relationship, your partner might feel overpowered by you. Your dominance might make them feel neglected or unheard of. That is the time when your partner might seek attention from other people. So I conclude, the relationship must always be a give-and-take process.

Changing The Regular Schedule At The Very Last Minute

Do you always cancel your Skype date as your partner has to work late? If your partner, who has never worked overtime, uses this as an excuse almost every day, she may be lying. In addition, beware of sudden weekend business trips where you know they are down the corporate ladder for such assignments.

Owning Multiple Active Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, you can’t have a long-distance relationship without using social media platforms. Not only does it also help you stay in touch with your Filipina partner, but it also gives you a glimpse into her day-to-day life. However, a sign that a partner can fool you is if your partner is simultaneously using multiple active social media accounts and you are only visible in one of them.

The It’s Not You, It’s Me Problem

When you are betrayed, doubting your value or what you lack is natural. But sometimes, it’s not your fault to make things clear. This is where the popular break-up line comes in: It’s not you, it’s me. Whenever your Filipina girlfriend says, “Hahanapin ko muna ang sarili ko, which translates as I will find myself first,” go and let them.

They might be working to rekindle with their past self: hobbies, passion, freedom, or something else entirely. But, again, it is not your fault. There will always be empty spaces in their life that you cannot fill in.

Being So Defensive

This is something you can do to investigate if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on you. First, try telling them about someone you know whose partner cheated on them. Then, if they start defending the cheating party, it is reasonable because they are also trying to assert their cheating to themselves.

Turning Hostile

This by itself is the terminal red flag, whether you are in a normal relationship or in a long-distance relationship. Disagreements happen in every relationship, but no matter how bad the dilemma is, it’s never an excuse for anyone to turn hostile to their partner. Cheaters frequently push their partners away with accusations or harsh words to keep up their cheating.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, if this happens to you, go and seek help on telling if your partner is cheating. On the other hand, if you certainly don’t know how to tell if your partner is cheating, do not wait until you fall victim to your Filipina girlfriend’s scheme. Alternatively, take matters into your hands!

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