Why Do Filipinas Marry Foreigners

Why Do Filipinas Marry Foreigners? Top 5 Reasons Why

Marrying for money is somehow normal in some Asian countries, especially in the Philippines. It was once a third-world country but is now a developing country. Nevertheless, the opportunity for a good and better life is still limited.

Why Do Filipinas Marry Foreigners

The lack of access to education and health care intensifies the need to get out of poverty as fast as possible. With the help of emails, social media platforms, and the internet, it has become more accessible for both men and women to marry someone from another part of the world. 

Not all Filipinas think of marrying foreigners for their own advantage because there are still Filipinas who marry foreigners because they dearly love them. However, there are some who marry foreigners so they may lift up themselves and their families.

Though this may be their reason, Filipinas will take care of their husbands until they are old. If you are dating a Filipin or might be interested in Filipinas marrying foreigners, this article is for you.

Dating A Foreigner Because She Needs a Visa Or Residence Card

Yes, some Filipino women may be dating foreign men who have this reason, but not in most cases! In fact, I actually know someone whose foreign partner keeps asking his wife how he can get a permanent visa for residency in the Philippines. So maybe it is actually foreign men who need the visa, not Filipino women!

Filipinas can travel to any country with a Philippine passport independently, so why would they need them if they can already get things on their own!? I bet it must be love.

The Fastest Way To Get Out Of Poverty 

Filipinos are generally very attached to their families, and most of them do anything to improve the lives of their families, parents, and siblings, including getting married for money. Ask a Filipino woman why they have chosen to marry foreigners.

The most common response you will get will be because of the need for money. Marrying into wealthy families is an age-old practice, and Filipino women are no different from those who see marriage as a business transaction.  

Older Men’s Age Play A Vital Role

It is true that relationships are always risky, and those between Filipino women and foreign men are no exception; relationships between Filipinos and foreign men are no exception. Cultural differences can get in the way, which can have a negative impact on both sides.

Sometimes, there are situations where men are mentally and physically abusive towards their partners. Every woman knows that getting into a relationship with a foreigner is a gamble. To play it safe, they actually choose to go with these older men because they have this mindset that if they have to sacrifice a lot they may get hurt.

Some Filipinas Think Foreigners or Western Men Are More Charming, And Gentleman

Learning that Filipinas think so highly of foreigners or Western men is truly shocking for you. Many Filipino women say Western men are more gentlemanly and chivalrous than Filipino men.

Some Filipino guys can be controlling in private and rude. But is not that the same everywhere?

The Quality Of Education

The majority of the public schools in the Philippines that are funded by the government have inadequate facilities and are overcrowded. Private schools that offer quality teaching and excellent facilities are costly. The parents typically push their eldest children to finish their studies first. Once the eldest child starts working, the person has to support the younger siblings financially as they continue their studies.

The Western Culture Is Life

Anyone who has been to the Philippines knows it is nothing like it is in the USA, Australia, or Europe. Outside of Metro Manila, life is hard and not very fascinating. Social media platforms made it very simple for many Filipino women to see how exciting life could be outside their country.

There have always been Western movies and TV shows in the Philippines, but social media has taken it to a different level. It’s now easy to see how “normal” people live in Western societies instead of just seeing how musicians and movie stars live their glamorous lives. And yes, of course, as we all know, the majority of people post a highly different version of their life on social media channels. Unfortunately, a lot of women from the Philippines have a hard time seeing past that.

Personal Reasons 

Particularly on their families and their well-being as well. It is not just because of love and affection. In general, they want to reside in a country that is not their motherland for employment and more dependable income prospects. Although the Philippines is rich in natural wealth, it lacks a mechanism, the tools, and expertise that lags behind Filipinos who are well-rounded, skillful, and intelligent. Therefore, aside from being kind, loving, and caring, monetary gains come in the back seat when Filipinos find a life partner with whom they can stay and build a wholesome family.

Impression That These Men Are Financially Stable

A lot of women, especially those with inadequate backgrounds when it comes to education, have this notion that they need to marry foreign men because they are rich and have more money than Filipino men. Unfortunately, Filipinos have this mindset deeply rooted in their culture that the only way to earn tons of money is by going overseas.

This is why these Filipino women have the impression that all foreign men are wealthy enough and that they can have much better lives by marrying one.

Beauty Standards

Filipinos love bright, white skin. Some Filipino women use whitening supplements and bleaching products to achieve a whiter skin color. Having a pointed nose is also a common beauty standard for Filipinos. Many years ago, Filipinos with American or Spanish heritage had a higher social status. This idea is actually part of the Filipino culture today. A lot of Filipino celebrities have Caucasian features instead of Filipino traits. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are some Filipino women who marry foreign men with good intentions. However, there are loads of cases where marriages have gone horribly wrong. International marriage is, indeed, risky. You mustn’t rush into a marriage and must be sure that you know everything about the person you are marrying.

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