Why Filipino Women Marry Old Foreigners? Solved

The internet and social media platforms make it easier for everyone to meet someone around the world. It’s not too hard to imagine why interracial marriage is so common these days. Filipinos also believe that those who earn dollars are financially stable.

This is especially one of the reasons why the majority of Filipino people prefer to work abroad. Filipino women, particularly those with inadequate educational backgrounds, see foreigners as their ticket out of poverty.

It has become common for people worldwide to marry not for love but primarily for financial security. Financial stability has led women to find foreigners with large pockets rather than love since, as mentioned above, they see it as their way out of poverty.

Filipina marrying a foreigner is very common. However, things should not be generalized as others marry old since it’s their liking but the most common reason for Filipinas to marry an old foreigner is that they can help her escape poverty and she can help her family. To get into details regarding the reasons, please check more information below.

Fast Way To Get Out of Poverty

Filipinos are generally very attached to their families, and most of them do anything to improve the lives of their families, including getting married for money. Ask some Filipino women why they have chosen to marry foreigners who are older than them. The response mostly will be because of the need for money. 

They Believe Western Culture Is Exciting and Glamorous 

Anyone who has been to the Philippines recognizes that it’s nothing like how it is in the United States, Australia, or Europe. Indeed, social media has made it simple for numerous Filipino women to see how exciting life could be outside of their home country. Of course, there have always been Western movies and TV shows in the Philippines, but the internet or social media has taken it to the next level.

It’s now easy to see how regular people live in Western culture and society instead of just watching how musicians and movie stars live their glamorous lives. And, yes, as we all know, the majority of people post a highly-curated version of their life on their social media channels. Right? A lot of women from the Philippines (amongst other places) have a hard time seeing past that.

They Could Be Searching To Escape Their Family

Family is the core of every Filipino. Families tend to stick together for life and do everything together. It is not uncommon for a woman to stay with her parents until she gets married.

The pressure the parents put on their daughters to find a good man to marry and settle down with is immeasurable.

Family life is still significant after marriage. Even after getting married, moving out, and having children, it’s not uncommon for parents and grandparents to voice their opinions on everything.

I have heard some stories from Filipino women and some of my acquaintances about how insolent family life can be in their country. So, to them, an easy way to escape this pressure is to marry a foreigner and leave the country. 

Seeking Older Men Because They Know They Are Much Willing To Be In That Kind of Relationship 

No one really dreams of spending the rest of their lives alone, right? and single older guys are no exception from this as well.

These men are also hoping to spend their lives with someone genuinely, even as a life partner. It does not matter to men if there is no love or mutual affection; they don’t want to be lonely.

These foreign older men naturally tend to go to them for relationships because Filipinos are naturally compassionate and loving people.

Filipino women seek out these older foreigners because they know they are willing to spend money on them. It’s undoubtedly a mutually beneficial relationship, and both of them know it.

It Is Simple To Build Relationships With Older Foreign Men

We all know that no one wants to spend their old age in seclusion, and single foreign elderly men are no exception. These men still hope that someone can spend the rest of their lives with them, even if they are just life partners.

For these old men, it doesn’t matter whether there is genuine love with young and beautiful Filipino women. They don’t want to leave the world alone.

On the other hand, Filipinos are generally more enthusiastic and caring, so these older foreign men naturally tend to look for them as partners for the rest of their lives. Y

oung Filipino women also like these foreign men who are dozens of years older than themselves because they know that these foreign men are willing to spend money for themselves and their families. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, and both parties clearly understand this.

The Older Men’s Ages Play A Vital Role

We all know all relationships are risky, and those between foreign men and Filipino women are no exception. Sometimes, cultural differences can get in the way, negatively impacting both sides.

For example, it is not unheard of, and most Filipino women know, that there are situations where men are mentally and physically abusive toward their partners.

Most women know that getting into a relationship with a foreigner is a considerable gamble or risky, and to play it safe, they prefer to go with older men.

They have this mindset that if they have to sacrifice a lot or even maybe get hurt, at least it won’t take that long because time is already not on their husband’s side. 

Final Thoughts

The majority of Filipino women fall in love with older foreign men for financial reasons; some people hope or are still out of love that they will eventually fall in love with them.

Filipino women believe both parties can learn to love gradually in a long life. However, there are lots of instances where marriages have gone terribly wrong.

Yes, interracial marriage is risky. You must not rush into marriage right away, and you need to ensure that you know everything about the person you are going to spend your life with.

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